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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anna, The Cupcake Lover

So, my darling little girl just LOVES cupcakes.  For some of my fabulous friends, this is not to be confused with "cupcakes!"  A while ago, I bought Anna the book called, Camilla The Cupcake Fairy.  We like to try to do some sort of activity with some of the books she really shows interest in.  For this book, we made a cupcake out of cardboard and tissue paper.

Here's how you make the cupcake:

We read the book, of course, and then started the project.  This project did take a couple of days, as her attention was not very well focused on the cupcake holder.  First, I drew two cupcake holders on a piece of cardboard.  Anna decorated the cardboard cupcake holders until she was bored.  I did actually finish the cupcake holders.  Once that was finished, cut halfway up the bottom of one of the cupcake holders and cut halfway down on the other cupcake holder.  This will allow you to put them together.  Next, take some tissue paper and crumple it up in your hand to shape it how you like.  We (I used the glue gun, and Anna helped secure the tissue paper) used a hot glue gun to secure the tissue paper cupcake topper.  Next, we took a new color for the icing.  We did the same thing with the glue gun and secured a shape we liked.  Anna picked out silver and pink glitter glue for the sprinkles (she needed a little bit of help squeezing), and we shaped another piece of pink tissue paper (because we were out of red tissue paper) at the top for the cherry!  TA DA!  Enjoy!

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