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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dear Moms:

Have any of you ever felt inadequate?  Lately, I have.  I am certain that it is not one thing that is making me feel this way, but it is certainly many.  I think there are far too many things that I am doing and taking on that I am not feeling like a good Mom lately.  My patience level has plumeted, which it should be on the rise daily, as I take care of a toddler!  My little Peanut has also gone through many changes and is doing a far better job than I am.  Why are children so much better at things in which we are supposed to have more experience?  It's pretty amazing; she's pretty amazing!  Maybe it is a lesson I should learn from her...  We shall see.  But for now, I will try to find the most positive aspect in all situations and learn to listen better, as this is clearly what Peanut needs (as evidenced by the increase in crying/whining).

With more to come...


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  1. Oh doll...I think we all feel inadequate at times, especially those times when our patience is close to non-existent! I know you and you are MORE than adequate of a mom. You’re a fantastic mother and Anna is so lucky to have you. xoxo