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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Small Paul Diaper Cake

My loving sister told my Mom, "Tell those bitches to get busy!" regarding a diaper cake for her baby shower, referring to myself and my sister-in-law Amy.  So, naturally, I made her a diaper cake.  And, for the short amount of time I had, I feel as though it is stupendous!  Narcissistic?  Maybe a little, but just impressed that I got it done within a matter of a couple of hours.  Here it is!  I hope she likes it!  :o)



  1. This is great! I never got a diaper cake with either boy. It's a super cute idea.

  2. Thanks Shawntel! My sister-in-law made one for me, and I didn't even know Jackie wanted one until four days before her shower!! ;o)