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Monday, March 14, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Anna and I have been very busy lately!  We have been painting, coloring, and creating many different hand made crafts!  Anna has been busy painting her piggy bank, coloring pictures, and coloring monkey and giraffe door hangers for her new cousin, Mason.  While, I have finally completed the pre-made scrapbook of Peanut's first year!  Yes, I said "pre-made" and "first year."  I thought I was going to be doing this great scrap book, but then I realized that there just wasn't much time for that!  So, I did purchase a pre-made scrap book and I embellished some of the pages for a little more glitz!  It looks SO fabulous, and I am SO pleased that it is finally finished!  I also created this frame that will hold vertical and horizontal photos.  I am very excited about how everything turned out!

Peanut painting her piggy bank...  I couldn't find my Art Therapy smock, and decided to cut a hole in a towel.  It works the same!  Click HERE for more photos of Peanut scrapbooking, painting, and coloring for Mason!  Pictures 35 - 41 are the new photos!

This is the cover of the 1 Year scrap book!  Click HERE to see more photos of the scrapbook...  Because the other photos look far better than this one!  ;o)

This is the frame I completed.  It can be turned and used as a vertical frame as well.  I love how this turned out!

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  1. I love the scrapbook. Tell sweet Anna that her piggy looks beautiful.