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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jack Kindig?

I just had to post this photo of Anna. First of all, it is the biggest smile I have been able to take of her, and second, I just feel like this is a spitting image of my grandpa Kindig! :o)
As you can see, this little girl is getting bigger! I went to a lactation support group, where I was able to weigh her. She is now 9lbs and 1oz! Sometimes she will only eat for five minutes at a time, which means she eats every hour. However, sometimes I worry that she is not getting enough milk. All I have to do is think about how much she is growing, and I feel better!

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  1. That is too funny. You need to put his picture next to that picture because she does look a lot like him!! I hope everything is going well for you guys!