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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Various Events

We have had quite a lot going on in the past week. I went back to work, Anna started daycare, Brad had a conference in Indianapolis, I had an exam on Friday, and as always, Brad and I had homework to do! The great news is that I passed my exam for IN state licensure as a mental health counselor. I am excited about this, as it has been a very long process! I went back to work last week and it was just as I suspected... difficult. After being off for so long, it was hard trying to become motivated and get back into the swing of things.

Since I went back to work, Anna had to go to daycare! So far, she is doing very well. She has a little three month old baby that she can "talk" to all day! Rachel (daycare facilitator) said that Anna had adapted very well. That is what I was most concerned about, but every day I pick her up, she seems to be content! So far, we have been very pleased with our choice!

Anna is doing more and more things every day. She has begun blowing bubbles with her mough, she smiles constantly, coos at us all the time, follows objects, and she likes to look in the mirror. Last week, Anna began to self-soothe. She has been sucking her fist, so we implemented the use of a pacifier. However, one day last week, she found her thumb. It was kind of cute because she doesn't have the sucking down, but we immediately took that out of her mouth! We don't want that kind of orthodontic bill in ten years! She is simply adorable, I just can't believe how much she changes and tries each day!

Brad, Anna, and I went to an open house in Winamac, IN for all of our Winamac family and friends to meet Anna. This was Anna's first trip to Winamac. She did very well with the long drive, and she also stayed awake for the whole open house for everyone to see her.

Jessica, Brad, & Anna at the open house in Winamac, IN

Anna with Grandma Angie & Grandma Anita at the open house

Our little peanut relaxing on her Daddy


  1. isn't that picture cute!!?! she is so sweet!

  2. So sweet! The pics are great, Jess and Anna is just gorgeous!

  3. Love her Jessica, such a happy, sweet little girl! Beautiful!
    Great Aunt Kim