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Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Month Old

Our precious baby is already one month old. People always told me that the time I was home from work would fly by; they were right. Some days it feels like forever, but others seem to get away from me, and nothing gets accomplished! She is just wonderful! We have placed her on her stomach a couple of times, and she moves her hind legs a lot, and has turned her head from one side to the other. Her little neck muscles are very strong! Her umbilical cord fell off very early, she has had her first doctor's appointment, she has gained weight and seems to grow every day, she is trying to self-soothe with a paci, she is taking a bottle, and this past week, she has begun to coo at us. Anna has had several visitors at the house including Amy Kindig, Dave and Becky Kindig, Kim and Mike Osmanski, Grandma and Grandpa Kindig, Grandma and Grandpa Mitchell, and Casey and Adam Northcutt. Anna has also made a trip up to see her new friends at the Notre Dame Archives!

Not all nights are peaceful though. There have been a couple of nights where she has been very fussy for several hours and nothing seems to calm her down. This gets frustrating, but oh well, it is going to happen! This past week, I was sick and had a fever of 102. It was difficult caring for her because I just felt like sleeping! Mom came over to help out for one of the days that I had a fever, and slept for most of the day... I felt so guilty about that!

Bradley and I have not really had a night to ourselves in a while. We went to our friends' wedding tonight, and even though I was worried about how many bottles of breast milk she had left, it was still a good time! It is always nice to have some alone time every now and then... However, what did we find ourselves talking about... Anna :o) Congrats to Brooke and Joe on their new life together!

On our way to Brooke Quimby & Joe Chamberlin's "Alice in Wonderland" themed wedding

Anna in her towel after Mom gave her a sponge bath and hair wash.


  1. What a beautiful baby girl! You & Brad are pretty cute too!

  2. How sweet! I hope you are doing okay! I need to call you sometime soon! BTW, you look great :)

  3. Hey Jessica,
    You and Brad look pretty good! Little Anna is beautiful and I'm glad to hear your feeling better. Take care.