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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Trip to Indy!

Peanut made it to Indy and back for the first time!  It was a long trip, but she did a great job in the car!  Peanut and I went to Indy to see my friend Megan.  She moved to New York a while ago and was in town for a wedding.  I knew I had to get down there to see her or else I just don't know when I would have seen her next!  Bradley stayed home to continue working on his dissertation.  He had a lot of peace and quiet and completed most of what he needed to do!

I planned the trip so it would be around Peanut's nap times.  Sure enough, she did wake up, but she did not fuss, but she did talk back and forth with me.  It was great!  Megan's mother-in-law had a lot of new toys for Peanut to play with, so she was really busy!  On our way up, we made a stop at the farm to see grandma Anita and grandpa Ron.  I noticed that it was a lot colder and rainier down south than it was up here!  Next time we head to Indy, we will have to visit Hanna and the Goedeker's!!  I know Peanut would love to meet those big puppies Jeff and Nikki have!


  1. Very nice photo of Miss Anna and Megan. Glad the trip went well.

  2. Oh yes, it went very well! She loves Megan!! :oD

  3. Thanks a lot for coming to visit us! :)
    Glad you had a good first trip. Hopefully we will see you guys sometime soon!