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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We tried carrots last night!  She had a hard time picking them up off of her tray, she made a funny face, and she even gagged one time.  But, she did continue eating them, which is more than I can say compared to the Gerber Puffs!  Although, she tried some banana flavored Puffs and seems to like those better than the apple ones!

It's kind of a dark photo, but I took it with my phone so I could easily email it to Bradley, who is out of town for training for work!  He needed to see his baby girl eating carrots too!!  :o)


  1. How cute! Hey... put those carrots where she can reach them:) Won't be long and she'll be enjoying the Bean Soup at Panera's!

  2. Oh, she will be waiting for bean soup at Panara's!! I don't want to clean that diaper yet!! I am looking forward to the runny poop that is supposed to accompany the teeth though! Sorry they are not organic carrots, mom!! :o)