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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Never Before Seen!

I have a lot of photos on my Blackberry, but because I have a netbook, the Blackberry program cannot run on my computer.  Bradley put it on his computer, and I can finally get the photos off of my phone and shared/printed out!  I am very excited!  This is a photo I took of Anna the first night we spent together at the hospital.  I believe this might be 4am.  I really didn't get much sleep at the hospital!  Anna had just finished nursing, and fell asleep in my arms.  Click HERE for more pictures of Peanut (among other photos that were on my phone; Tank, Seattle, etc.)!  What a sweetheart!


  1. Isn't she!?!?? I can't wait to print these out!! The color is different, but they are from my phone! :o) So glad that I got these off my phone finally!!