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Monday, February 22, 2010

Hearts & Crosses

For Anna's first Valentine's Day, we went to Uncle Joe & Aunt Amy's house.  I bought her a shirt that says, "Sweetheart."  It is so cute on her!  I love Joe & Amy's furniture because it is black, and looks as though there is a black background when I sit Anna down! 

Yesterday, Anna was baptized.  It was held at the Crypt at Notre Dame.  She was so wonderful thoughout the ceremony!  She was quiet and really focused on the priest!  We had a small party afterwards for Anna's family.  It was nice to have our aunts and uncles at our home, as some havne't been out to the house yet!  Unfortunately (leave it to us), we have misplaced her baptism candle.  The parish secretary said that it was not left in the Crypt, and Bradley and I have looked everywhere!  Hopefully, it will turn up somewhere!  We have new photos under the February 2010 heading on the left!  Enjoy!


  1. It was a wonderful fun day! God Bless little Anna!

  2. It was a fun day! I wish we didn't misplace the candle!