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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Many people have been asking why I haven't been posting... Since April. It's simple, I've been very busy. Am I really that busy that I can't post occasionally? Actually, this time I have been! Brad and I have been trying to purchase a home since 15, July 2011. This plan fell through, and we really don't have many options at this point. We are busy with school, job changes, and relocation. On top of all of this, we are busy with a two year old! It has been chaotic, but we have been managing.

So, in the spirit of missing out on many things, I will be posting some more up-to-date photos of our little girl! In the meantime, you can see her two-year-old party photos if you click this LINK! Until I get a little bit more time, I will definitely post some better photos! Hopefully, they will be house photos!  I have decided to revamp the blog and give it a make over.  I hope that this will do until things get in order!  Cheers!



  1. It's about time!! hehehe I know you've been busy! I've done just about everything in my power to get you the home of your dreams and I'm sorry it didn't happen.....yet! It will! Can't wait to see you after all of the sicknesses go away! Love,mom

  2. I know you have Mom... Thanks a bunch! Our sickies are all out I think! :o) Love you!