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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mommy Fun & Peanut Fun!

As it should be noticed, I posted a little square on the right side of my blog called, "Pink & Green Mama." This blog belongs to a wonderful art teacher who has many fabulous ideas! I saw a post for felt food, and thought, "I can do this!" Mom has some play pans at her house for Anna to play with, so I made these eggs (There is some fluff in the yolk) and bacon for her to pretend with. I also made this cookie, which looks more like a Moon Pie! Oh well, it's the first time I ever made felt food! Below the food photos, you will see a cute little video of my cutie Peanut dancing to a singing snowman and dog! Cutie!



  1. She's so darn sweet! And quite the dancer!

  2. Isn't she!?!?? I love that she started using her arms to dance!! It is SO cute! I think I'm going to make a banana next... Cheese would be easy!! ;o)