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Monday, December 13, 2010

Busy Weekend

We were very busy this weekend!  Bradley went to IL to pick up our "new-to-us" car; Cadillac Seville.  It is very nice!  But, Brad dropped us off at my Mom and Dad's house while he went to get the new car.  We went to PetSmart with Mom, Jackie, Abby, Tank, Ian, Dylan, and Jackson to get Abby and Tank's pictures taken with Santa.  I was glad for all of the animals there, because Peanut just loved the birds, dogs, "meow meows," hamsters, and the fish!  After this, we went back to Mom and Dad's house to decorate Christmas cookies.  This was also very fun!  Anna was so sweet.  She had her cookie in her hand waiting for Grandma to get some icing on her child-safe knife...  Grandma must have taken too long, because Peanut started to eat her cookie!  Then, the boys joined us.  When Joe and Amy returned from shopping, Amy and my Dad (with help from Jackson and Dylan) made home made ravioli.  Mmm, this was delicious!  On Sunday, we had my parents and Brad's parents over for a small birthday gathering, as Bradley's birthday is coming up.  I made him a Jonnie Walker Black Lable cake.  It turned out pretty nice!  Brad's parents couldn't make it due to the weather, so it was just my parents laughing at Brad and me playing Brad's present from me; Kinect! 

Click HERE to see more cookie and ravioli photos!!  They are great!!  Happy holidays everyone!


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