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Monday, November 22, 2010


First, I would like to say, "CONGRATS JEFF, NIKKI, AND BRADY!" on their new family addition!  They have recently welcomed a new baby girl to their family!  How exciting!  We can't wait to meet her!

We have been very busy lately!  Brad is teaching several classes at Ivy Tech and loving it!  My class also started this semester, which always keeps me busy!  Glad it's only an eight-week class!  Only three more classes to go!  Brad has been really focusing on his dissertation, and me, I have lost my motivation to continue my classes.  I am still completing classes, but with the less sleep I get, the less interested I become in completing assignments.  Anna's sleep patterns have changed again with daylight savings time, and she now likes to wake up at 4am.  However, I have also decided to be evaluated by the state of Indiana to get a second master's degree.  I am in the process of obtaining all of my paperwork at this point.  We will see how that goes!

Peanut is learning so much all the time!  She just had her 15 month check up, and she is doing great!  She did not grow, but she has been very sick lately (She had an ear infection, upper respiratory infection, flu (vomiting), runny poo, and now teething (molars)!) and the doctor was not worried about her development.  She is ahead on many things, and the doctor called her "Very smart" after Anna was able to tell her what several animals say!  :o)

Too early to see Santa?  Naw!  We went yesterday, because the lines are non-existent!  She hated every second of it!!!  She screamed very loudly, but was able to calm down if I sat with her.  So, it was either pay money for a screaming child photo or pay money for a calm, relaxed, yet still scared photo.  I didn't want the screaming photo!  :o)  I can't upload the photo right now, so it will be up very soon!   I was very excited that we saw Santa, that I couldn't resist putting up our Christmas tree before Thanksgiving this year!  It looks fabulous in our house!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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