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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bumps & Bruises

Anna is walking all over the place!  She basically goes where she pleases these days!  However, she is very good about holding hands and accepting help when needed.

Bradley, Peanut, and I went to Ideal Beach a couple of weeks ago (pictures have not been posted, but will be soon).  The baby was not sure about the lake or the sand.  But, she did LOVE the baby pool.  It was kind of deep for her (the water came up to her chest), so she held my hands the entire time she walked around.  I was really surprised because the water was pretty cold, but she still loved it!  Anyway, I let her hands go for literally one second (on dry ground), to get things gathered to leave and she trips and falls.  She hit her forehead on the concrete, which swelled up pretty quickly.  We got an ice pack, I gave her some Tylenol, and we had to have an incident report written up.  Poor baby!  She wanted nothing to do with the ice pack because it was so cold.  However, once it was no longer freezing cold, she grabbed it and placed it on her forehead.  Cutie!

I picked Anna up from daycare last Friday and noticed a mark on her forehead.  I asked Ms. Susie what had happened, but she had just taken Ms. Rhonda's place and didn't know what had happened.  I looked at her daily report form, which stated that Anna had been tripped over and she bumped her head on the swing set post.  :o(  She has been getting lots of love and triple antibiotic cream!

I hope that she doesn't get too many more bumps on the head!!  The last thing we need is TBI!! 

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