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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sleep Training & Weening

Most of you might not know that Peanut was sleeping through the night at 3 months old!  How fabulous!  However, when daylight savings time hit, we were all screwed, and we have been ever since!  Since April, she has been waking up approximately three to five times every night.  Since she has turned one last week, and I am beginning the weening process, I decided that I would start weening at night and help retrain her sleep habits.  I asked her doctor at our 12 month visit about how to do this.  She informed me of the process she used: let baby cry for 30 seconds, go in her room and comfort her verbally and pat her back for one minute.  If it continues let her cry for another 30 seconds and go in for three minutes this time.  And, if it still continues, let baby cry for another 30 seconds and go in for five minutes.  Peanut only woke up twice last night between 12am and 1am.  The first time she woke up, she used up all of her time, but fell asleep during the five minute comfort time.  The second time she woke up, she fell back to sleep during the three minute comfort time.  It was so hard not picking her up and watching her climb up the crib with her arms stretched out crying, "Ma ma!"  It broke my heart...  There were more tears from me the moment she fell asleep, as I was anxious for her to wake up.  I didn't want her to, I didn't want he to feel the anxiety of me not being there and not picking her up and not nursing.  But, she did a very good job!  I still woke up on occasion because the monitor was silent.  If she doesn't wake me up, then I get nervous.  But, I stayed in bed...  awake.  Kudos Peanut!!  Hopefully tonight is as successful!  :o)


  1. Is this sleep training for Anna or for you? hehehe Good job... hang in there and you'll be sleeping through the night soon! Love to all!

  2. It is for both! :o) Peanut doesn't sleep, and I thought since she doesn't sleep and still nursing at night, it would be a good place to start weening! I was going to start with daycare, but decided not to do that yet, as it would be a long stretch during the day while she is awake! Thanks Mom!!! <3