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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Month

Wow!  Can you believe I haven't updated this thing in a month!  It is not like Peanut has not done anything noteworthy!  Because, she has been doing so much!  So far, this summer, she has been to a petting zoo with Bradley and myself, she went to Louisville, KY with me at met my friends, she and I went to the Louisville Zoo, she and I have been taking Mommy and Me swim classes at Aunt Jackie's house (and LOVES the water), she has been eating big girl food, she has two teeth, she can identify her mouth and eyes, and she is walking all over the place!  She is just so much fun, and she is definitely developing a sweet little personality as well!  Recently, she began new daycare at Kingdom Kids.  This is only her second week, but she seems to be adapting well.  Her first week was a trial week, and we just received her confirmation letter that she will be able to stay!  As always, everybody loves her!

Bradley and I have been very busy with other ventures as well.  He is trying to finish up what should be the last year of his doctoral program.  He continues to work hard on his dissertation, while I am just trying to stay on track with my doctoral courses as well!  It has been difficult since Peanut was born because I am so tired at night to even feel motivated to do any work!  However, I am going to try a new schedule and see how things work out!  On top of school work, Bradley continues to work as adjunct faculty for Ivy Tech and I have been doing a lot more art work these days (one abstract painting for a friend, one pen drawing for another friend, and I painted my friend's nursery).   I am starting to wonder how we find time to breath!

Peanut's first birthday is coming up, and we are excited!  I am looking forward to making her two tiered princess castle cake and having family over for the celebration!  I am sad that her first year has gone by so quickly!  It is true what people say that time flies by!

Update:  I will no longer be posting photos to Picasa.  The photos will continue to be posted on the side bar.  However, I have found a site that does not have a limited amount of storage.  I have created another site at Shutterfly for photo viewing only.  This will begin in August 2010!

Here are some photos of Peanut's summer so far!

Mommy & Me Swim Lessons

Splash Park at the Louisville Zoo

Petting Zoo

Father's Day (Saturday Morning)

Big girl eating scrambled eggs with a fork


  1. Yes, time does fly and she's so adorable! Can't wait to make those party invites and cake!

  2. I know!! Do you have any ideas for the invites? We need to be making and sending those out! I checked the cake last night... I might need to make four square cakes; three for the first tier and one (cut into smaller pieces) for the second tier. Dowel rods, here I come!! Looking forward to making this with you! :o)