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Monday, April 19, 2010

First Boo Boo

We have our first boo boo.  Peanut has been standing on just about everything.  This includes a folding chair in our basement.  I just knew this would be the item that hurts her, and it was tonight!  She climbed on it like she always does.  But, this time, she decided to reach her hand to the top of the chair, causing her to fall and pull the chair on top of her.  Poor thing!  Brad scooped her up as she cried.  But, don't worry, this is not the loudest we have heard her cry!!  She has a cut on her forehead, and after seconds, we noticed that it was bleeding.  We cleaned it quick and put a bandaid on it.  Then we noticed that there was blood on her pacy also!  We checked her mouth and there was nothing there!  After cleaning off her mouth, we found no other blood.  Moments after we put the bandaid on, she was smiling again!  Silly girl!  She handled that very well!  It was scary to watch that chair fall on our little baby girl!!


  1. Poor baby girl! My goodness! I hope you get better soon.

  2. Massive head wound Peanut! Good thing you don't have a dog around the house.

  3. HA HA!! He would have eaten her head!! Good ole' Dana Carvey!!! :oD