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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


 We had a great first Easter with Peanut!  We didn't have too much traveling to do, so her sleep schedule was not disturbed, and she was wonderful!  Our Easter weekend began on Saturday with lunch with the Mitchell's.  Peanut had already eaten, so she sat and played very nicely in her high chair while we all ate!  She was very drooly on Saturday, which meant we had to replace her white shirt with a pink one, while the white one was in the dryer!  Maybe there will be a tooth to follow soon!  Afterwards, we went to the Kindig's house for dinner and an Easter egg hunt!  Peanut did a great job, and found three eggs!!  The boys found more; 1. They move much faster, and 2. I didn't want Peanut crawling in the wet grass!  She liked to chew on the plastic eggs, just as she likes to chew on everything!

Easter morning, we helped her find her Easter basket.  The Easter Bunny brought her three books; Opposites, Numbers, and The Adventures of Amelia Bedelia.  She loves books, which is wonderful!  However, she enjoyed the grass in her basket just as much!  Peanut played with her books with Daddy for a while before he continued to work on his dissertation.  Shortly after that, She and I took a nap! 

When she woke up, she got all dressed up in her Easter Dress and we headed for Great Grandma's house!  We played and showed everyone how Peanut is standing and taking steps (when holding my fingers)!  The day was finished off with a bath and some Chinese food, because that is what I gave up for Lent!


  1. Just adorable! Glad you came over and we really enjoyed the boys, the Easter Egg Hunt and Anna's first Easter!

  2. Of course we would come over! The Easter Egg Hunt was fun! Wish it were less windy, but glad it wasn't raining! We had a blast! :o) Thanks for a great afternoon!