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Monday, December 7, 2009

She's on The Move!

This weekend was kind of boring because we had to get homework done.  But, it was quite eventful for Miss Anna!  Anna turned 4 months old on 04, December 2009, so we tried some cereal.  She was absolutely adorable!  She ate about one ounce of it until she began to get impatient and the cereal was getting cold.  But, she did seem to like it!  Because she is so used to the sucking motion, it was funny to watch her try and suck on the spoon!

Not only is Anna eating cereal, she is also scooting a bit!  She has been rolling over for some time now and even grabbing at the blankie she is laying on.  On Sunday morning, she rolled on her tummy, and began to scoot forward!  It was just wonderful to watch!  She amazes us every second because she is always showing us how she is learning every day!